Only actors like Gurmeet Ram Rahim are watched in Punjab – Deep Sidhu

Deep Sidhu is one angry young man. After starring in back to back action movies Ramta Jogi and Jora 10 Numbaria, Deep has taken his reel life roles a bit too seriously.

A frustrated Deep Sidhu let out his emotions on the absurd likings of today’s youth of Punjab. He questioned the reasons for Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Harman Cheema’s popularity and was shocked to see lakhs of visitors on their posts. Deep Sidhu, for obvious reasons, is concerned about the thinking of the youth of Punjab who have forgotten the likes of Baba Bulle Shah, Bhai Veer Singh, Dhani Raam Chatrik, Nanak Singh, Amrita Pritam, Shiv Kumar Batalvi etc. and is amazed that they appreciate illogical films with weird titles. He further states that there is hardly any existence and value of art, culture and cinema amongst Punjabis. Deep is disappointed that in today’s movies, there’s hardly any entertainment and still people go to watch these films. He pledges that he would bring a change in the mindset and seeks support from fellow likeminded people.

The post from Deep Sidhu came just one week after his film Jora 10 Numbaria released. The film opened with mixed reviews and barely managed to recover its cost. But Deep Sidhu should be applauded for his guts to speak up against what is going wrong in Punjab. Not many artists have that courage to speak their mind as they think that it could tarnish their image. He has proved that in real life also he is just like that character he played, Jora.

Post the release of the movie, Deep went to England to promote the movie. It is yet to be seen what triggered the young man to write these strong words. Do you think Jora bai is correct in what he said? Do leave your views in the comments below.

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