Ammy Virk is a director’s dream – Vikram Pradhan

Try spending 30 minutes with Vikram Pradhan, and you would end up with pain in jaws and stomach. He is funny, entertaining and going to make his Pollywood directorial debut with SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND.  Movie releases on 17th November, 2017

Name – Vikram Pradhan

Movie – Sat Shri Akaal England

Role – Writer, Director

Born on April 1st, Vikram Pradhan believes that fun started for him on his birth day itself. He is now 46, but comes across someone who has a heart of a 16 years old kid and that’s what makes him special. Vikram is born and brought up in Mumbai but has a huge circle of friends who are from Punjab. A creative person, he has been running his advertising agency for the past 18 years now and had worked with top companies of India for their advertising campaigns.

Vikram has written and directed SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND. Just days before the release, caught up with him for an EXCLUSIVE conversation where he reveals details about himself, the movie, Ammy, Monica and Pollywood.

Let’s discuss SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND – What is the movie about?

Vikram – Sat Shri Akaal England is about a young boy Major German Singh Maan who is desperate to go abroad but is unable to get a visa. He and his parents make all possible efforts to make his dream come true, but every time he returns to his pind without a visa stamp on his passport. This becomes embarrassing for them and finally they hatch a plan for him to get a visa. After a lot of hardwork, prayers and jugaads, Major German Singh Maan eventually reaches England. How his life changes once he had achieved his aim forms the rest of the story.

The movie is a fun adventure of this sidda saada munda who has just one dream – get a visa. He is uncomplicated and speaks his heart out. Ammy has played the character in this most subtle and simplistic manner, something that was required of the role. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the end product and am confident that the content & entertainment will win you over. (fingers crossed) – When you started off, what was your vision for this movie?

Vikram – I had written the movie keeping in mind a very relatable character. He can be any munda you know who is studying IELTS and often fights with his parents about going abroad. Once I was ready with the script, Sagoon ji held my hand and everything fell into place from thereon. The shooting of the movie was in itself a fun ride. With all Punjabis around, you can expect loads of entertainment and this would come out when you watch the movie. -You have chosen to direct a light hearted movie. Is it because you are comfortable doing this genre or because comedy is the flavor of the season?

Vikram – When I speak, act or write, my sole aim is to entertain the listener/viewer. Similarly when I wrote Sat Shri Akaal England, I wanted to make sure that the viewers forget anything and everything bad or sad happening around them and just enjoy the 2 hours show. I can’t live without laughing and making others laugh. – Tell us your experience while working with the following:

  • Ammy Virk – Ammy is a director’s dream. He is one of the most humble human beings I know. A brilliant and a smooth actor.
  • Monica Gill – She is very innocent. Of course she is glamorous and I am amazed to see her growth in just a couple of years.
  • Karamjit Anmol – He is damn funny. A smile comes to my face as soon as someone takes his name.
  • Sagoon Wagh – He is a very passionate person. And films are his lifeline. As a producer, he is always keen to get the best out of you and motivates you to no extent.
  • Nick Bahl – He is a large hearted and royal person who gave his full support to the team. The treatment he gives to the film’s unit is unmatched.

Your views on POLLYWOOD – Do you think Pollywood is indeed shining?

Vikram – Undoubtedly. Punjabi cinema is in no way behind any industry now. The technicalities and other aspects of film making match the ones used in Bollywood. I am happy that I have got a chance to be a part of such a flourishing industry and be amongst such a lively and joyful community. – Any area where you think Punjabi movies need improvement?

Vikram – Like I said Punjabi movies made nowadays are at par with those made in Bollywood. Rather than improvement, I would say the only change that can be brought now is stories. If you bring in aliens or avengers, that would be something new. But I would like to add that Punjabi audiences are getting exactly what they desire and that’s the reason of success of the recently released films.

What inspires you? – Name a director from Pollywood that you look upto

Vikram – Simerjit Singh is a great director. I loved his work in Nikka Zaildar and Nikka Zaildar 2. I love the way he merges entertainment with drama. – Your favourite Punjabi film

Vikram – Nikka Zaildar – Your advice for all aspiring actors in Punjab

Vikram – Don’t try to act. The more naturally you portray a character on screen, the more relatable you become and hence the audience would love you. wishes Vikram Pradhan and the team of Sat Shri Akaal England the best. We feel that the trailer was absolutely funny and are expecting a roller coaster ride.

Go and watch Sat Shri Akaal England at a cinema near you on 17.11.2017.


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