Ammy Virk matches up his physique with hockey player Harjeet Singh for HARJEETA

Ammy Virk has undergone a major transformation for his upcoming Hockey film HARJEETA. The actor posted a pic of his well toned body on all his official social media accounts.

HARJEETA is based on the life of Harjeet Singh who led Indian junior hockey team to World Cup victory in 2016.

Ammy revealed that he has lost almost 22 kgs in the past one year and has worked really hard for his role of a hockey player. He thanked his fans for supporting him endlessly and also thanked his trainer Sam Dhillon for working so hard on him.

On a lighter note, Ammy wrote that his mother did not approve his lean look, but after he explained that he had done all this for HARJEETA, she was okay with that. He has promised his mother that he would be back to normal once he finishes shooting for the movie.

Ammy Virk agrees that he has just attained the desired fitness and would now build a proper physique. salutes the dedication of hardwork of Ammy Virk. We wish HARJEETA is as big a hit as Ammy’s other movies.

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