Box Office Prediction – Can SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND end the dull phase of Pollywood?

SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND is going to be the third release for Ammy Virk this year after the hit ‘SAAB BAHADAR’ and blockbuster ‘NIKKA ZAILDAR 2’. SSAE is touted as a romantic comedy, a formula that has worked wonders for Punjabi filmmakers in the past.

SSAE is the story of Major German Singh Maan (Ammy Virk) who is eager to get a visa and move abroad, but is unable to do that. How he manages to land in England and what happens subsequently after he reaches there forms the crux of the movie.

SSAE is going to arrive at a time when movies like BAILARAS (flop), DANGAR DOCTOR JELLY (Average), BHALWAN SINGH (Average) and SARDAR MOHAMMAD (Above Average) did not find many takers. Also, the movie got postponed due to censor certificate issue. Despite these hiccups, can Ammy Virk manage to give yet another blockbuster and bail the Punjabi film industry out of this difficult time? analyzes the prospects of the movie.

SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND releases on 8th December, 2017.

What could help the movie?

  • Ammy Virk : The Hit Machine –  For anyone who follows Punjabi films, the primary reason to watch SSAE would be Ammy Virk. The superstar has delivered 6 back to back hit films and he would be the reason behind an impactful start of the movie at the box office.
  • The catchy promos – Ever since the first look and the subsequent trailer released, SSAE had received only positive reviews. The trailer was a very catchy one with some good one liners that raised the eagerness of the viewer to watch the movie.
  • A relatable storyA boy from Punjab has cleared IELTS and is eager to go abroad. Does’nt he seem like the boy next door. Ammy Virk’s character of Major German Singh Maan and his story is absolutely relatable.
  • Monica Gill – Monica has definitely been the find of the industry. The long legged beauty has given 3 hit films in a row and we expect another one this weekend. She would be pairing up with Ammy Virk for the first time and it would be interesting to see the on-screen jodi.
  • Karamjit Anmol – An actor par excellence, Karamjit is known to put life even into an average character. Given the right script and character, he can manage to uplift the movie to amazing heights.

  • Director Vikram Pradhan – A creative fellow with years of experience in advertising, Vikram has written and directed SSAE. Given the promos and look of the film, he seems to have got the right connect with the audience in his first movie.

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  • Aggressive Promotion – Ammy Virk is now done with shooting  for his sports drama ‘Harjeeta’. The superstar is himself promoting SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND which is a big boost for the makers. Also, the production has gone out of their way to promote the movie overseas as well as on social media. SSAE is the first Punjabi movie to have hoardings put up across many cities in England.
  • Soundtrack – All the songs released until now – ‘Dhan Paani ho janda’, ‘Jatt da Kaleja’ and ‘Gal Theek Nai’ have received more than million hits and this would definitely benefit the movie.
  • No big competition and gap has helped – With no major Pollywood release coming up this week, SSAE does not need to worry about competition and any other film eating into its business. Also, this will be the first Punjabi release in more than a month. Thus audiences would be looking forward to watching a Punjab film.

What could go wrong?

  • Punjabi cinema’s dull phase – With Bailaras, Dangar Doctor Jelly, Bhalwan Singh and Sardar Mohammad underperforming, we can sincerely hope that SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND will end this dull phase that Pollywood is going through.
  • Film being postponed – Generally when a film gets delayed, the business is hampered in a big way. The audience looses interest and its hard for the film makers to regenerate the earlier achieved excitement level. The trailer of SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND is a month and a half old but the makers have intelligently added dialogue promos, song promos and makings of the movie which kept the interest of the audiences alive.

Box Office Prediction:

Given the track record of Ammy Virk’s previous movies, SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND is definitely going to open on an impressive note. The movie is expected to garner approx. 80 lacs-1cr. (India) on opening day and should comfortably cross 3.5cr (India) after the weekend. A positive word of mouth and good content can fetch the movie even higher numbers. predicts that SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND will definitely reap in some major profits for the investors and send them smiling towards the bank. Do you agree?

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