Box Office Prediction – Rocky Mental

Parmish Verma’s debut movie, Rocky Mental is releasing this Friday. The movie has been in news since the time it was announced. Touted as the first Punjabi movie based on the sport of boxing, Rocky Mental has managed to garner a keen interest amongst the audience. Let’s analyze the factors which are going in favour and against Rocky Mental just prior to its release:

What could help the movie?

  • Parmish Verma – Even before the release of his debut movie Rocky Mental, Parmish Verma is a known face amongst the Punjabi youngsters. He has worked as a video director with top singers of Punjab.
  • First movie on Boxing – Not many Punjabi movies have been made on the sport of boxing. Hopefully, Punjabi audience will be able to experience some well choreographed fist fight in the ring.
  • First Release after Vekh Barataan Challiyan – Another major factor that would go in favour of Rocky Mental is that it would be the first Punjabi release after VBC, which released on 28th of July. Toofan Singh did not get a release in India due to a conflict with the censor board.
  • Extensive Promotion – Parmish Verma is not leaving any stone unturned to promote Rocky Mental. He has covered almost entire Punjab, Haryana and even Delhi to lure the audience.
  • Stylishly filmed – The trailers suggest that the movie has been stylishly shot. The high voltage dialogues, the background music, the ring fight – all manage to leave an impact.
  • Aa la Chak Main aa gaya – The song, which is sung by Parmish Verma was released right after the trailer of Rocky Mental was out. It became an instant craze amongst the youth and would work largely in favour of the movie.
  • #Dhakk – There’s no denying the fact that #Dhakk is the most used hashtag amongst Punjabi youngsters these days. All credit to the promotion of Rocky Mental.

What could go wrong?

  • Families might skip RM – The movie is based on Boxing, and the trailers suggest that it involves a certain degree of violence. Thus family audiences, which are used to rom-coms might skip the movie.
  • No familiar face except Parmish – The movie is directed by a first timer, and has unknown faces in the starcast. Even the leading female actor, Tannu Kaur Gill is making her debut with Rocky Mental.

Box Office Prediction:

The movie is expected to get off to a decent start, inspite of it having newcomers in the lead. The business will be equally good in small as well as big cities of  Punjab, as Parmish Verma has dedicated fans all around. With good acting, content and execution, Rocky Mental does have prospects of generating good box office numbers.

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