Box Office Prediction – Sardar Mohammad

SARDAR MOHAMMAD is going to be the second release of Tarsem Jassar after Rabb Da Radio. His debut outing was a hit in India and overseas.

Inspired by true incidents, SARDAR MOHAMMAD is a period film which is set during the India-Pakistan partition. Tarsem Jassar will be seen enacting the character of a boy who is raised as a Sikh but his biological parents are Muslims.

Will Tarsem Jassar be able to fetch positive results for SARDAR MOHAMMAD just like Rabb Da Radio? analyzes the prospects of the movie.

SARDAR MOHAMMAD releases on 3rd November, 2017.

What could help the movie?

  • Tarsem Jassar – There’s  no denying the fact that Tarsem Jassar would be the primary reason to watch SARDAR MOHAMMAD. The handsome sardarji is a rage amongst youngsters and his popularity would certainly fetch a good start to the movie.
  • The Soundtrack – The songs of the movie, especially ‘Pind’ and ‘Maa’ are heart-rending . ‘Single Double’ is already a hit amongst youngsters.
  • Mandy Takhar – Her performance in Rabb Da Radio was lauded by everyone. Given the right opportunity, she can win you over with her performance.
  • Aggressive Promotion – SARDAR MOHAMMAD has been widely promoted by Tarsem Jassar. He has performed on various platforms across Punjab for the movie and surely this buzz would generate a good start.
  • Tarsem Jassar’s story – If the trailer is to be believed, SARDAR MOHAMMAD will be an emotional journey of a boy looking for his biological parents. A fresh and touching story like this is likely to have a connect with the viewers.
  • Same team was behind Rabb Da Radio – SARDAR MOHAMMAD is being directed by Harry Bhatti who was the co-director of Rabb Da Radio. Tarsem Jassar and his bonding will be asset for the movie. Even the production team and the core technical team of both the movies are the same.

Sardar Mohammad

What could go wrong?

  • Punjabi cinema’s dull phase – With Bailaras, Dangar Doctor Jelly and Bhalwan Singh underperforming, we can sincerely hope that SARDAR MOHAMMAD will end this dull phase that Pollywood is going through. In spite of the fact that all the three movies mentioned above were of different genres, yet they did not have enough takers. If this continues, Sardar Mohammad’s numbers can be affected.
  • Punjabi audiences love comedy – As is the trend, there are maximum takers for comedy films as far as Pollywood is concerned. SARDAR MOHAMMAD is an emotional film and it will have comparatively less takers than its counterparts.

Box Office Prediction:

SARDAR MOHAMMAD is expected to begin on a good note. The movie is expected to garner approx. 70-80lacs (India) on opening day. The movie should cross 2cr (India) after the weekend. A positive word of mouth and good content can fetch the movie even higher numbers. predicts that SARDAR MOHAMMAD will definitely reap in profits for the investors. Do you agree?

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