An Actor, a casting director and a short film director – Sukhbir Singh Gill

Sukhbir Singh Gill is an engineering student and a theatre actor. He has worked with Shyam Benegal, has directed a critically acclaimed short film and is now going to star in Shivtar Shiv’s SAGGI PHULL. In an exclusive conversation with, Sukhbir discusses his early life as an artist, upcoming films and his mother’s role in becoming what he is today.

Sukhbir Gill in Saggi Phull

Sukhbir Singh Gill is one of the most hardworking and talented person in Pollywood. He would be soon seen enacting the role of ‘Whiskey’ in Shivtar Shiv’s directorial debut SAGGI PHULL. The movie is going to release on 19th January, 2018. He would also be seen later in 2018 in a movie titled ME and MR. CANADIAN for which he has also done the casting. Besides this, he has done casting for a number of Punjabi music videos.

Theatre and Street Plays

Sukhbir started acting at a very young age. During his initial years of acting, Sukhbir used to do a lot of street plays. From there, he ventured into theatre. “I did theatre for quite some time and got to learn a lot from my seniors”, says Sukhbir. He also used to participate in Gurudwara Katha and Kirtan. Sukhbir has done more than a thousand stand up comedy performances, including Comedy Circus wherein he mimicked Archana Puran Singh.

“My Mom supported me” – Sukhbir Gill

Sukhbir lost his mother a few years ago. He remembers that his family was against his stint at acting and everyone opposed it except his mother. He reveals that his mother had always been very supportive of his wish to become a renowned name in Pollywood. And with time, his family has accepted his decision and now are happy with what Sukhbir is doing.

Sukhbir’s entry into Pollywood

They say luck favours the brave. Something similar happened with Sukhbir as during one of his theatre performances, Punjabi star Harbhajan Maan spotted him and took his contact details. Soon thereafter, he got a call from Maan and Sukhbir eventually landed in Pollywood through a small yet significant role in Amitoj Mann’s HAANI. After that, he acted many films like JUGAADI DOT COM, DHARAM YUDH MORCHA etc.

Sukhbir with Shyam Benegal

Shyam Benegal, the acclaimed storyteller, had directed a short film on Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha. While the film had known faces like Divya Dutta and Kuljinder Sidhu, it was Sukhbir who played the title role. This movie brought the much needed recognition and there was no turning back for the young actor.

Short films of Sukhbir Gill

Acting and casting are not the only talents that Sukhbir possesses. He is also a short film director as well as a singer. He had directed a short film IZZAT earlier this year which won an award at Ludhiana Short Film Festival. The beautifully made film talked about the relationship between parents and young children. He has also directed a soon-to-be-released short film titled ‘MAIN TE HEER’. Soon, Sukhbir will be launching his song and a video under a big banner.

Also Watch – IZZAT (Short film Directed by Sukhbir Gill)

Sukhbir is currently shooting for Rana Ranbir’s directorial venture ASEES wherein he is also handling the production. Given his work history and upcoming projects, we are sure this youngster has a long and a bright career ahead in Pollywood.


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