Despite the postponed release, SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND still up for a massive opening

SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND’s release got postponed by 3 weeks. Yet there is an immense hype surrounding the movie. Is Ammy Virk’s magic is working again? analyzes.

It is generally observed that if a movie gets postponed, there is a definite impact on the box office collections. When the shocking news came in that Ammy Virk‘s SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND did not get certificate from CBFC in time, it became a matter of concern for the makers.

But rarely do we come across a movie that has minimum impact of such a mishap. Ammy Virk’s SAT SHRI AKAAL which is up for release this week has the same hype surrounding its release that it enjoyed earlier. The reasons are straightforward:

  • The trailer of the movie garnered immense liking amongst Punjabi audiences. The viewers are keenly awaiting the laugh riot to release in the theatres.
  • Weeks before its prior release date and post that, the makers came out with song promos, dialogue promos and making of the movie. There was never a moment when the viewers felt that SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND’s promotion has died down.
  • Ammy Virk was not available for promotions when the movie was slated to release on 17th November. But now the ‘hit-machine of Pollywood’ is all geared up and is aggressively promoting the movie.

With all these aspects going in favour of the movie, we can very well predict an earth-shattering opening of SAT SHRI AKAAL ENGLAND.

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