Every female will be able to relate to punjabi film HARD KAUR’s story – Deana Uppal

Deana Uppal is going to debut in Pollywood with Ajit Rajpal’s ‘HARD KAUR’. Touted as the first women-centric Punjabi movie, HARD KAUR defines the struggles of women in today’s society. Deana, who plays the character of Sirat, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with SaadaPollywood.com reveals some facts about the movie and her own character, explains the problems faced by women and discusses her colleagues. Also find out who are Deana’s favourite actors from Pollywood.

Deana Uppal and HARD KAUR 

Saada Pollywood – What is HARD KAUR about?

Deana – HARD KAUR shows the struggles and joys of 5 ‘Kaurs’, all with completely different personalities and how they overcome harassment in there own way. Every female will be able to relate to this movie.

Saada Pollywood – You have one of the strongest roles in HARD KAUR . Tell us something about your character.

Deana – I am playing the role of a sweet simple village girl named Sirat who is very soft spoken and reserved. However she loves fashion and everyday wears bright salwar suits and enjoys dressing up.

Saada Pollywood – Give us 3 reasons why you chose to this movie as your Pollywood debut

Deana –

  1. I Ioved the story as soon as i read the script
  2. I have always wanted to play the role of a sidi sadi kuri
  3. The film relates to every female and the struggles we come across everyday in real life

Saada Pollywood – Do you find any similarities between Sirat and how you are in reality?

Deana – I feel Sirat and myself are similar in the way that we both are honest and straight forward. Rest I would say is very different. Sirat is very reserved and does’nt speak up for her self where as I am the opposite. Also I am very lazy in dressing up in my everyday life and live in my trainers – Sirat would never wear trainers! Haha

Saada Pollywood – Do you feel women are still unsafe in India and Punjab in particular?

Deana – Women are still unsafe in India. However I also think women are unsafe in London as well. I think where ever you are in the world as a women you have to always keep your mind on safety because there are mad people everywhere in the world. I do think the mentality of men especially in small villages is still backwards which can cause men to be violent towards women. Men’s mentality needs to be changed for better safety of women.

Saada Pollywood – Hard Kaur is about women empowerment. Have you faced gender inequality ever in your professional career?

Deana – Yes many times. I am also a business woman and run a number of different businesses. I find when I have an idea in the work place it is hard for men to take my ideas seriously. I have to push the extra mile just to get my voice heard.


Deana and her colleagues at HARD KAUR

Saada Pollywood  – One word or phrase that best describes your colleagues at Hard Kaur

  • Nirmal Rishi ji – Kind Hearted
  • Drishtii Grewal – Classy
  • Ajit Rajpal – Focussed
  • Swati Bakshi – Sweet
  • Neet Kaur – Glamorous

Saada Pollywood – We are sure you had fun on the sets of Hard Kaur. Who would you present with the following titles:

  • Prankster – Myself
  • Where’s food? – Our lovely designer Tanya
  • Retake King/Queen – Dristii – she likes getting the shot perfect

Saada Pollywood – You prefer Blockbuster or a Critically acclaimed film?

Deana  – critically acclaimed

Saada Pollywood – Favourite actor (male) in Pollywood

Deana – Ammy Virk

Saada Pollywood – Favourite actor (female) in Pollywood

Deana –  Sonam Bajwa

Saada Pollywood – One thing you did not know about Pollywood before you became a part of it

Deana  – How popular and huge the punjabi market is worldwide

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