Gagan Kokri to make his Pollywood debut in 2018

Come 2018, and Pollywood will witness yet another successful singer turning into a lead hero. Taking inspiration from his seniors like Diljit, Gippy, Ammy, Amrinder, Tarsem et al., Gagan Kokri has also signed up a film titled LAATU.

The film, which has an interesting title and tagline, ‘laggangey current’ would have an extensive release in 2018. Laatu will be directed by first timer Manav Shah. Saga Music (Sumit Singh) and Farid Entertainment (Jagmeet Singh Rana) will be collectively producing the movie. The movie has been written by one of the most talented writers of Punjabi cinema, Dheeraj Rattan. Incidentally, Dheeraj is also the creative producer of Laatu.

An ecstatic Gagan Kokri expressed , “Feeling so proud working with this much talented team of PUNJABI FILM INDUSTRY. Eh sab babe Di Kirpa te tuhade pyaar kar k possible Hoya and HARD WORK har ik da avda hunda te oh karna vi penda. Pindon Australia Bhande maanjde te taxi chalaunde supne jaroor dekhe c but sach vi aap nu hi karne pende a Zindgi ch.”

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