If any filmmaker has concerns with my work, they should question themselves – Rana Ranbir

An actor par excellence and a human being with a heart of gold – this sums up Rana Ranbir. The veteran, who is currently in Canada promoting his stage show Good Man di Laltain, took on to social media to bring out his emotions and feelings about how Punjabi films and theatre have had an impact on his life.

Ranbir Singh, better known as Rana Ranbir expressed that he has been in the Punjabi film industry for the past 12 years. During this course of time, he has acted in around 55 films and written 10 films. He thanked director Manmohan Singh for giving him his first break, both as an actor (Dil Apna Punjabi) and a writer (Munde U.K. De). He further wrote that he is hopeful that he would be working in the same fashion and high spirits as he has been doing all his life. He thanked his skills, Punjabi films and stage due to which he and his family are leading a respectable and happy life.

Rana Ranbir feels that he has enacted with full dedication and honesty every role offered to him. He advised the filmmakers who had concerns with his work to question themselves why they did not like his work. He feels mixed emotions like happy, angry, sad, shocked etc. while working in films.

Saada Pollywood wishes to say that Rana Ranbir is one of the most talented and heart-warming personalities in Punjabi film industry. His versatility is unmatched. Here’s looking forward to a number of films and characters enacted by Ranbir Singh.

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