Mandy Takhar to star opposite Tarsem Jassar in Sardar Mohammad

Mandy Takhar, who played a significant role in the immensely likeable and commercially hit movie Rabb Da Radio that released earlier this year, will once again be seen alongwith Tarsem Jassar in Sardar Mohammad. She had surprised one and all with a mature performance in Rabb Da Radio and the viewers would be expecting more out of her this time around.

The team that delivered Rabb Da RadioVehli Janta Films, actors Tarsem Jassar & Mandy Takhar and director Harry Bhatti, have joined hands again in Sardar Mohammad. The movie is slated for a 3rd November release this year.

An elated Mandy Takhar shared this news with her fans on popular social media websites. She claimed that she was feeling nostalgic while collaborating again with the team of Rabb Da Radio.

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