Not an Interview – Canteeni Mandeer fame Ravneet talks about Bailaras, Binnu Dhillon and more

Ravneet Singh

“My ideal girl would say Sat Sri Akal to me. No hello hi please”

Ravneet shot to fame with his super successful show Canteeni Mandeer. The young and energetic gabru from Anandpur Sahib talks about his first film Bailaras, Binnu Dhillon, his ideal girl and even dedicates a song for Prachi Tehlan.

Sneak Peak with Ravneet Singh

Name on Passport – Ravneet Singh

Birthday and Sun sign – 17th February, Aquarius

Place of Birth –Anandpur Sahib

Current Hometown – Chandigarh

Schooling – Nangal

First Break in Pollywood – Bailaras


Let’s talk about Pollywood

Saada Pollywood – One word or phrase that would best describe each of the following co-stars of BAILARAS:

  • Binnu Dhillon the actor – Someone who is extremely close to his roots
  • Binnu Dhillon the producer – The Caretaker
  • Dev Kharoud – The Hardworker
  • Nirmal Rishi –Respect
  • Prachi Tehlan – A tall and beautiful girl
  • Ksshitij Chaudhary – Creative and hardworking
  • Ravneet Singh (You) as an actor – The Learner

SP -Your 2 am friend from the film industry is

Ravneet – Binnu bhaji

SP -One song that you would love to sing for Prachi

Ravneet – 5’10” bina heel ton, disdi Prachi poori dedh meel ton

SP – You prefer Blockbuster or a Critically acclaimed film

Ravneet – Both. My work should be appreciated.

SP – Canteeni Mandeer or Big screen, your pick.

Ravneet – Canteeni mandeer gave me fame and whatever I have today. I have just started off with films. Hopefully will yield good results there as well.

SP – Favourite actor (male) in Pollywood?

Ravneet – Binnu Dhillon

SP – Favourite actor (female) in Pollywood?

Ravneet – Sargun Mehta


The Game Begins

SP -If you were’nt an actor , you would be

Ravneet – I would have gone to Canada

SP – Your favourite food ?

Ravneet – Nothing beats home cooked food. I love my dal roti.

SP – Who is an ideal girl for you?

Ravneet – She should speak good Punjabi. I prefer someone who walks up to me and say  ਸਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ (Sat Sri Akal) rather than the ‘Hi Hello’ ones.

SP – Most recently played song in your playlist is

Ravneet – Folder containing Kuldeep Manak and Gurdas Maan songs


SP – If you were on Tinder, what would be the title of your profile?

Ravneet – ਗਭਰੂ ਚੋਟੀ ਦਾ (Gabru chhoti da)

SP – One word/phrase in your vocabulary that you use the most

Ravneet – ਇਕੱ ਨੰਬਰ (Ikk Number)

SP – Favourite T-shirt slogan

Ravneet – ਗਭਰੂ (GABRU)

SP – Your one bad habit that you don’t want to change

Ravneet – Sleeping. I love my sleep. I take naps whenever I have the opportunity.

SP – 3 things you do not leave your home without (besides of course Wallet and Cellphone)

Ravneet – Thar, photo of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and ਕੜਾ (Kara) in my hand.

SP – Do you yawn while you are asleep?

Ravneet – Not often. But I snore a lot

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