Not an Interview with Kamal Virk – I am fortunate to work with Kavi Raz sir in ‘Kande’


“My brain freezes when I am around Yograj Singh because of his larger than life personality”

Kamal Virk is a bubbly and cheerful girl who is soon going to make her debut in a Punjabi movie titled ‘KANDE’. The movie is being directed by ‘The Black Prince’ fame Kavi Raz and she gets to star alongside Yograj Singh and Preet Baath. The sweet and suave Kamal reveals insights about her co-stars from Kande, her experience of working in Pollywood and some interesting facts about herself.

Sneak Peek with Kamal Virk

Name on Passport- Kamaljit Kaur Virk

Birthday and Sun sign- 11 June, Gemini

Place of Birth- Muktsar

Current Hometown – Mohali

School and College- St Joseph’s Convent School , Bathinda and Jaypee University of Information and Technology , Solan

Upcoming Movie – Kande

Let’s talk about Pollywood

Saada Pollywood – Who would fit best in the following titles while you shot for Kande:

  • Class Monitor- Kavi Raz Sir
  • Prankster- Preet Baath
  • Where’s food?- Sunita Dhir Mam and me 🙈
  • Retake King/Queen- Joban Preet
  • Over-excited- Rakesh Sharma Sir (producer) ,Jeet Rurka and Anil Dhanda Sir ( Dop)
  • Latecomer- We were all collectively late sometimes, organisedly disorganized
  • Gentleman- Preet Baath

SP- One word/phrase in your vocabulary that Yograj Singh uses the most

Kamal – My brain mostly froze when I was around him because of his larger than life personality. So I hardly remember.

SP – Your all time favourite Punjabi film?

Kamal – Carry on Jatta ( I know I know, I just love that film)

SP – Best actor (male) in pollywood according to you

Kamal – Amarinder Gill

SP – Best actor (female) in pollywood according to you

Kamal – Simi Chahal

SP – A Pollywood character you would love to play

Kamal – Sargun Mehta’s character in Lahoriye

SP – One thing you did not know about Pollywood before you became a part of it

Kamal – In pollywood people treat you like you are all a part of one big joint family.

The Game Begins

SP – If we visit your home, what would we find in your refrigerator?

Kamal – Various types of jams, at least 2 types of breads, apples for sure, khajooran, 15 types of vegetables, milk etc etc

SP – Your favourite food joint in Punjab

Kamal – Burgrill (I like a good and simple burger), Chandigarh 🍔

SP – First thing you notice in a guy

Kamal – Hair

SP – For you, style and fashion is

Kamal – Expressing yourself and exhibiting confidence in who you are via choice of colours and type of clothing

SP – High point in life

Kamal – When I got selected for ‘Kande’

SP – Low point in life

Kamal – While I was doing my engineering, all I wanted to do was act and pursue the life of an artist.

SP – One word/phrase in your vocabulary that you use the most

Kamal – Bahla( a lot)

SP – Favourite T-shirt slogan

Kamal – Spiritual Gangster

SP – Your one bad habit that you don’t want to change

Kamal -I laugh out loud at serious situations

SP – 3 things you do not leave your home without

Kamal- Anxiety, Laughter and Red lipstick

SP – Do you yawn while you are asleep?

Kamal – Only during a boring dream

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