Not an Interview with Deana Uppal

She won Miss India UK title in 2012, was a finalist at Big Brother (UK’s Bigg Boss), has been an ex-contestant of Khatron Ke Khiladi and is soon going to make her Pollywood debut wth ‘HARD KAUR’. Deana Uppal is a confident, go-getter, fashionista, bold and beautiful girl who has announced her arrival and is definitely here to stay. In an EXCLUSIVE conversation with, Deana reveals some facts about her past, advises upcoming models and also shares some TINDER secrets.

Sneak Peek with Deana Uppal

Name on Passport – Deana Uppal

Birthday and Sun sign – 30 jan Aquarius

Place of Birth – Middlesbrough – UK

Current Hometown –  London and Mumbai

Next Release Pollywood – HARD KAUR

The Game Begins

Saada Pollywood – If we visit your home, what would we find in your refrigerator? 

Deana – Eggs, cheese and chocolate

Saada Pollywood – Your favourite food joint in Punjab? 

Deana – Anywhere that serves good Daal Makhani. I am addicted to Daal Makhani!

Saada Pollywood – You won Miss India UK title in 2012. How did it all begin?

Deana – It was quite simple. I applied for the entry, got accepted, went threw the contest and thankfully won

Saada Pollywood – Your advice for all future Miss India UK aspirants.

Deana – Gather information on previous pageants, practise your talent and build your confidence – then apply. Its also important to know first a pagent does not define who you are. If you win or lose that does not matter, use the experience as a life building experience. You first should be comfortable in your own skin.

Saada Pollywood – You were a finalist at Bigg Boss of UK – Big Brother. Tell us your best and the worst experience of being at the Big Brother house.

Deana – Well the worst thing was my housemates put me up for eviction every week! – i broke a record of being the most nominated contestant in the history of big brother.However the public liked me and saved me 6 weeks in a row.

Best thing was I learnt a lot about my self and my personality. I learnt that I handle bullying in a calm manner and I am a thoughtful person. It was a awesome once in a lifetime opportunity to be in that house.

Saada Pollywood – Given a chance, would you like to be a part of Bigg Boss India?

Deana – I was actually approached for Bigg Boss straight after I came out of Big brother but mentally I was not ready for it. I think now the stage that I am at in my life I would not be in Bigg Boss.

Saada Pollywood – The biggest fear you overcame whilst your stint at Khatron Ke Khiladi?

Deana – I had a big fear of cockroaches. In the show i stayed locked in a coffin underground with thousands of cockroaches over me for 20 mins! I won that task too so I’m always bragging about this although it always grosses people out!

Saada Pollywood – Your favourite holiday destination

Deana – Mauritius

Saada Pollywood – First thing you notice in a guy 

Deana – If he has a ego – I hate show off guys

Saada Pollywood – For you, style and fashion is…

Deana – Being comfortable in what you wear and feeling confident

Saada Pollywood – High point of your life

Deana – Buying a house in london

Saada Pollywood – Low point of your life 

Deana – Death of a friend

Saada Pollywood – If you were on Tinder, what would be the title of your profile?

Deana – looking for my soulmate (hahaha is that too strong?)

Saada Pollywood – One word/phrase in your vocabulary that you use the most 

Deana –  Huh?…


Saada Pollywood – Favourite T-shirt slogan 

Deana – “I hate s-shirt slogans”

Saada Pollywood – Your one bad habit that you don’t want to change 

Deana –  Googling too many questions that pop in my mind everyday –

Saada Pollywood – 3 things you do not leave your home without (Purse and Cellphone would be too boring J)

Deana –  blusher and credit card – sorry thats boring too

Saada Pollywood – Do you yawn while you are asleep? 

Deana – Not that I know off. But i sleepwalk, sleeptalk and sleeptext!

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