Not an Interview – Prachi Tehlan gets candid about life, Tinder, Bailaras and Sports


“If I was on Tinder, my profile title would read WONDER WOMAN”

This is by far the most candid interview of Prachi Tehlan. On her birthday, she opens up to Saada Pollywood about her upcoming movie Bailaras, co-star Binnu Dhillon, favourite people in Pollywood,  food, fashion and of course Tinder…

Sneak Peak with Prachi Tehlan

Name on Passport – Prachi Tehlan

Birthday and Sun sign – 2nd Oct, Libra

Place of Birth -Delhi

Current Hometown – Mumbai

School and College – Montfort, Delhi

College – Jesus and Mary college, Delhi university

First Break in PollywoodArjan

Let’s talk about Pollywood

Saada Pollywood – Who would fit best in the following titles while you shot for Bailaras:

Class Monitor?  – Nirmal Rishi

Prankster? – Binnu Dhillon

Where’s food? – Me 🙈

Retake King/Queen – Ravneet 😂

Over-excited – Me. It was my second film and I was running off here and there like a child.

Mr. Gentleman – DOP- Jayanan Vincent

SP -One word/phrase that Binnu Dhillon uses the most.

Prachi – Parmatma tuhanu saareyan nu chadh di kala ch rakhan.

SP – You prefer Blockbuster or a Critically acclaimed film.

Prachi – Both

SP – Tv Soaps or Big screen, your pick.

Prachi – Big screen

SP – Favourite actor (male) in Pollywood?

Prachi – Binnu Dhillon

SP – Favourite actor (female) in Pollywood?

Prachi – Nirmal Rishi Ma’am

SP – A Pollywood character you would love to play

Prachi – Everything that’s challenging and to which I can do justice.

SP – One thing you did not know about Pollywood before you became a part of it?

Prachi – That still at few places casting is done basis talent and not just because of nepotism / being linked to an entertainment background.

The Game Begins

SP – If we visit your home, what would we find in your refrigerator?

Prachi – Milk, cheese, fruits, bournvita, bira only for guests 😛.. rest will be all fresh cooked

SP – Your favourite food joint in Punjab?

Prachi – Breakfast at JW Marriot Chandigarh, Katani Dhaba Chandigarh, Sheetal Dhaba Patiala, Jaggi Sweets and many more…

SP – First thing you notice in a guy?

Prachi – Overall personality and eyes

SP – For you, style and fashion is…

Prachi – Being yourself. I don’t follow any specific style or fashion. I wear whatever I feel comfortable in and keep experimenting 😃

SP – High point in life?

Prachi – Representing Indian netball team in CWG 2010, being the youngest captain and also destiny making this industry happen to me with a complete changeover in profession from being a sportsperson to corporate lady to an actor.

SP – Low point in life?

Prachi – A sports injury before CWG2010. Rest my life has been full of adventure and opportunities.

SP – If you were on Tinder, what would be the title of your profile?

Prachi – Wonder Woman

SP – One word/phrase in your vocabulary that you use the most

Prachi – Please, thank you, I forgive you, please forgive me.

SP – Favourite T-shirt slogan

Prachi -‘Queen’

SP – Your one bad habit that you don’t want to change

Prachi – Being punctual, not to hurt anyone willing / unwillingly.

SP – 3 things you do not leave your home without (besides of course Purse and Cellphone)

Prachi – Lipgloss , my routine diary, headphones.

SP – Do you yawn while you are asleep?

Prachi – Yes.. a lot.

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