Not an Interview with Ravinder Grewal – I bought a Vespa and that was the happiest time of my life


“I miss my grandfather. I wish he was alive and had seen my achievements.”

Even after 20 years of showbiz, RAVINDER GREWAL has’nt forgotten his roots. A singer par excellence, a dedicated actor and down to earth person is what defines this ‘Dangar Doctor‘. In an Exclusive conversation with, Ravinder Grewal opens up on his film industry friends, favourite actors, his childhood days and missing his grandfather.

Sneak Peek with Ravinder Grewal

Name on Passport – Ravinder Singh

Birthday and Sun sign – 28th March, Aries

Place of Birth – Gujjarwal, Ludhiana

First Break in Pollywood – Raula Pae Gaya

Upcoming Movie – Dangar Doctor Jelly

The Game Begins

Saada Pollywood – Your 2am friend/s from Pollywood is 

Ravinder Grewal – Atharv Baluja and Harjit Harman

SP – Your favourite food 

RG – Yellow Dal, Karela and roti

SP – Favourite actor (male) in Pollywood 

RG- Veerendra

SP– Favourite actor (female) in Pollywood 

RG – Preeti Sapru

SP – Favourite Co-singer 

RG -Shipra Goyal

SP – If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would he/she be and what would you say to him/her? 

RG – I miss my grandfather. Although I have’nt seen him ever, but whenever I meet an elder, I wish I could meet him, talk to him and show him what I am doing.

SP – What do you do in your spare time? 

RG – I love spending time with animals. I love nature and go out in fields and spend some time alone.

SP – High point in life 

RG – My childhood. I have some lovely memories when I was very young. I used to be happy when I got small small things. For eg. I bought a Vespa long time back and I still remember that feeling.

SP – Low point in life 

RG – Very few people know about my struggle days. My close people used to taunt me often and that used to hurt me. But that brought a positive change in me and made me work hard and achieve my goals.

SP – Singing or Acting

RG – Both. I live a character whenever I sign a film. I love both singing and acting.

SP – One word/phrase in your vocabulary that you use the most 

RG – ਮੈਂ ਸਮਝਦਾਂ ਕੇ… (Main samajhdaan ke…)

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