Revealed – Mental Returns in 2019

Parmish Verma’s Rocky Mental has released to packed houses. To further rejoice the fans, the makers have announced the sequel to the movie – MENTAL RETURNS. The movie will once again star the supremely talented Parmish Verma.

The makers of Rocky Mental were so confident of their product that they had announced the sequel in the movie itself. They did not wait for the verdict or box office performance of the movie. Instead, they have decided that the movie would be made next year and would have an extensive release in 2019.

Ecstatic fans went berserk as soon as they saw MENTAL RETURNS in 2019 written on the big screen, just before the end credits started. The news was welcomed with seetis, taalis, shrieks and screams from young fans of Parmish Verma. Do you think Mental Returns will be able to invite similar craze from the viewers as Rocky Mental?

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