‘The Student’ – A Punjabi short film that reveals the harsh realities of Indian students in Canada

They say that grass is always greener on the other side. For students in Punjab, moving to foreign chores is always a priority. Everyone has his/her own reason of moving. But what is common amongst all is a rosy picture of the foreign country that they paint in their heads.

For most of them, Canada is a top priority for studying. These young boys and girls from Punjab think that all problems in life would be solved once they land in Canada. They believe that life is absolutely smooth out there and everything would fall in place for them with ease.

THE STUDENT, a first of its kind short film in Punjabi language works as an eye opener for such students who are in Canada. The movie beautifully showcases the harsh realities of students and the exploitation they face at the hands of people who have been staying in Canada for long. It stars Jasmeen Gurm, B K Singh Rakhra and Gurdeep Singh. The movie is directed by K S Ghuman.

Despite minor shortcomings in acting and direction, it’s the concept of the movie (B K Singh Rakhra) that wins you over. The movie is absolutely relatable and situations seem to have been taken straight out of lives of Indian students in Canada. Icing on the cake is the finale, wherein the protagonists discuss to form an organization to help students and make them aware of the pros and cons of studying/immigrating to Canada. Most of the concerned people in Canada do discuss this behind closed doors, but the movie and makers deserve brownie points for openly discussing about forming this organization.

Watch this movie here to know why this movie has achieved a status of 1.3 million views:

Cast & Crew – Jasmeen Gurm, B K Singh Rakhra, Gurdeep Singh, Rupi Chowhan, Avtar Singh Virdi, Hardev Singh

Original Story concept –  B K Singh Rakhra
Produced by – B K Films Canada
Written and directed by – K S Ghuman
Cinematographer – Karamjeet (Assistants., Raj Riyat and Sukhjit Chandi)
1st Assistant director – B K Singh Rakhra
2nd Assistant director – Gurdeep Singh
Make up,costumes & office work -Jasmeen Gurm
Production Manager -B K Singh Rakhra
Casting by  -.B K Films Canada
Post production at – Raju Bhandal Studio, Surrey BC Canada
Actors Voice dubbing, Background music score and final film editing by – Raju Bhandal
Initial editing and English subtitles – Avtar Singh Virdi (Assistant Amol Nanak S.Virdi)


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