Tarsem Jassar’s Sardar Mohammad to clash with Ik Onkar

In July this year, Tarsem Jassar had announced his next movie, SARDAR MOHAMMAD. Soon thereafter, the makers had locked 3rd November as the release date and had assumed Sardar Mohammad to have an exclusive release. But to their disappointment, there’s another movie that has announced its release date similar to Sardar Mohammad.

Nanak Films International’s IK ONKAR – The Revolution (click here to watch the trailer of the movie) is gearing up for release on 3rd November, 2017. The makers of Ik Onkar have already released the trailer of the movie and are hopeful that they would be able to penetrate into the market before Vehli Janta Films start the promotion of Sardar Mohammad.

Without an iota of doubt, Tarsem Jassar’s Sardar Mohammad, which is being directed by Rabb Da Radio co-director Harry Bhatti, will have a definite edge over Ik Onkar. Sardar Mohammad would be touted as a bigger film and would bank hugely upon Tarsem Jassar’s popularity. Will Aviral Raj Sharma’s IK ONKAR be able to make a mark and survive against Sardar Mohammad? Do write your views on this in the comments section.

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